The Things That Matter Most

Protect your loved ones' future by protecting yourself in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Choose the right type of cover for yourself and your family.


The Way You Want

Enjoy rewards while saving towards your life goals. Find out how you can magnify your returns while maximizing flexibility with the customized savings plan of your choice.


Make Money Work For You

Investment may be complicated. We make it easy for you. Get started now with our proven track record and proven methodology.


Save Tax Legally

Looking to tax savings and building future cash flow? You can do it with the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) and more.

CareShield Supplement

Protection Against Long Term Disabilities

3 in 10 people could remain severely disabled for 10 years or more. Find out how you can enhance your CareShield Life without forking out extra cash.


Give Your Child The Financial Head Start

Secure your child's dreams and aspirations by planning early for their future.


Plan Well. Live Well. Retire Well.

1 in 2 Singaporeans will live past 85. What if you live beyond 90? Do we really have enough?


Find out if you are really adequately covered, or grossly under insured.


Find out how you can take the small step towards saving for your financial goals.


Find out how you can grow your investments while managing the risk through diversification.

Calculate Your Shortfall

Useful tools you need for your planning

Insurance Calculator

See how far your insurance is covering you right now

Education Calculator

See how much children education can cost locally and abroad

Retirement Calculator

See how much you need for your retirement

Yours Free

Simple financial concepts that everyone can adopt to improve their financial situation immediately!

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