The Things That Matter Most

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You Protect

How About Yourself?

Protect Your Loved Ones' Future

by protecting yourself in the event of unfortunate circumstances

Premature Death

Death comes to everyone someday, and someday to us. Are we prepared?


Death is not the worst. The worst is disability - living but dying on the inside.

Critical Illness

Critical illness like cancer need not kill. But the lack of money for treatment will.

You Can Choose

Whole Life

  • Limited Payment, Lifetime Protection
  • Choice Of Multiplier And Booster
  • Extra Bonus And Cash Value


  • High Coverage At Affordable Price
  • Choice Of Protection Period
  • Option To Convert


Some of the most common questions people asked

Do I need protection?

If your spouse and children, partner or other relatives depend on your income to cover the mortgage, liabilities or other living expenses, then you will need to protect yourself.

How much protection should I have?

The rule of thumb is to have protection coverage of 10 times of our annual income. Having said that, different folks different strokes. We will customize the plan according to your needs and wants.

How often should I review my protection plan?

We recommend reviewing your protection plan every year, or when your circumstances change.

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