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How It Works

Investing may be complicated. We make it easy for you.

Make Every Dollar Work For You

  • 100% of your money is invested from the start
  • No sales charge and no bid-offer spread
  • No supplementary charge after 13 years

Bonus Units For Staying Invested

  • Extra 5% units allocation for every regular contribution from 13th year onwards

Expert Investment Portfolio

  • Get exclusive access to our Guided Portfolios
  • Thoroughly researched and well-diversified
  • Built on Mercer’s insight and knowledge

Flexibility And Control

  • Ability to do top-up and partial withdrawal
  • Opt for premium holiday
  • Free fund switching and auto fund rebalancing

Protection For Your Investments

  • In the event of your untimely passing during a market downturn, your investments are protected
  • Your family will receive equivalent to the total contributions you have invested
  • Extra payout in the event of accidental death in the first 2 years

Keep Your Investments Going No Matter What Happen

  • In the event you become critically ill, with our optional premium waiver riders, we will take care of all future contributions so you can focus on recovery

Proven Track Record

Strong Fund Performance

More Than 30 Funds To Choose From

Free Fund Switching & Auto Rebalancing

Proven Methodology

Dollar Cost Averaging

Stay Invested

Time Value Of Money


Example of a young working executive

who starts the investment journey with us

Disclaimer: The actual benefits payable will depend on the actual performance of the underlying assets of the fund(s) invested. The performance of the fund(s) is not guaranteed and the cash value may be less than the capital invested. For more details, you should refer to the Policy Illustration, which can be obtained from your Financial Services Consultant.

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