Is Married Life In Singapore Too Expensive?

"The 5E Wealth Generation Formula"

A Potent & Proven Method To Help Middle Income Families ($10,000- $15,000 Monthly Combined Income) Overcome The “Hidden Costs” of Marriage And Gain Positive Cashflow Of 3-4 Figure/Month

Despite Sky-High Married Life Expenses!

By Junwen Chen

Husband, Father, Wealth Generation Strategist & Creator of “The 5E Wealth Generation Formula”

My Formula Has Helped Hundreds Of Regular Singaporeans With Their Married Life Financials…

And You Can Be Next Too!

Getting married in Singapore is expensive.


You probably know it just as well as I do.


From the inflated HDB flats to the upcoming 9% GST increase to the high costs of education for our children.


Plus many other smaller but significant costs that slowly but surely, eat away at our finances!


I was once in your shoes…newly married and looking forward to a blissful wedded life.

I knew that married life would be more expensive than singlehood.

But what I did not expect – Exactly how hard it hit my wallet!


(A little embarrassing to admit this since I’m in the financial industry. But its better I tell the truth so you can learn from my mistakes)


When the unforgiving waves of bills and loan repayments hit, they hit hard.


Without mercy. Without a care.


Just a deadline for me to pay.


Sounds like a familiar scenario?


I was blindsided by the sudden and massive expenses.


A 4-figure sum was wiped from my bank account month after month.


If I let this continue, I would be stuck paying off my debts and loans for the rest of my life!


But I found a way out. And so can you.


If you learn from my mistakes, and apply my 5E Wealth Generation Formula! 


Read below to find out more!


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"Friendly, Approachable & Knowledgeable"

Tbh, this is my 2nd time having this exposure to the world of saving, investment and wealth management. Many things were covered during the session with Junwen. Although sometimes for certain information, we may already have it at the back of our minds but it is good to have someone to bring it up, reminds us of the importance of needs over wants.


I am glad that he was willing to take the extra step to book another appointment with me to further chat about my finance at the end of the year.


I think I still have a lot of things to learn, learning doesn’t stop now. Whenever I’ve questions, I will definitely approach Junwen as my sensei (teacher)!

Ying Wei


"Very Patient With Good Knowledge"

I have chosen to work with Junwen as we had a very comfortable talk during our first meet up. He has been very patient and has great knowledge of products.


I have gained knowledge of health and monetary investments from Junwen and only invest based on my cash flow abilities, which is beneficial as i will not be investing blindly.


Junwen is friendly, approachable, and not motive motivated which stands out from the other competitors out there.


People like me who previously do not have knowledge on money management will greatly benefit from his knowledge as he will analyze with you from the beginning and will slowly guide you to the right paths.

Tan Mun Ting


"Understood My Needs And Never Rushed To


I had met many advisors from different company over the years, including having a very good advisor from another company serving my needs. However, Junwen had showed me his values and thus made me decide to take up his recommendation.


Junwen understood my needs, patiently asked a lot questions and he never rushed into conclusions. He is passionate in his work that make me took the policy he recommended.


Thank you Junwen and keep up the great job!

Audrey Ong

Ex RWS Manager



I Love My Wife And Daughter But...

When I married Christine, I promised to give her the very best in life.


When my daughter Ruby was born, I made a similar vow.


Only the finest will do for my girls.


However, it seemed like I would be breaking my promise.


Even though I worked hard, I was trying my best, and I was doing everything I could.


The expenses of married life were just too much. I was overwhelmed.


After paying all the bills and loans, there was barely anything left.


How could I give my wife and daughter the very best in life if I continue like this?

There Had To Be A Better Way...

But what exactly?


I found out early on that working hard isn’t the answer.


Working longer hours doesn’t always mean you’ll earn more money.


At least, not in significant amounts.


I wanted something faster. Something simpler. Something more profitable.


So I spent many long nights racking my brains. Scribbling on note pads. Researching endlessly.


And finally, I came up with something that in theory, could work:

The 5E Wealth Generation Formula

It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s proven to work.


Not just for me, but for hundreds of other married couples too!


This formula gave me the discipline I needed to allocate my funds in the right way.


It gave me oversight on how to spend my money strategically.


Most importantly, it helped me to grow my wealth systematically, so that I can give my wife and daughter the quality life they deserve.

Most of the other couples I helped, are now enjoying an extra 3-4 figure “surplus” simply by following the 5E Wealth Generation Formula.


After all, like the same suggests, it’s designed to generate wealth quickly and efficiently!

"Good Sharing And Knowledgeable"

It was a good sharing and knowledgeable to share with me the details of the topic by

both Mr Junwen and Miss Tiffany. They explained to me in details of the consequences and about my future. Kudos to both of them for the simple and understanding of these matters. Thank you.



"Sincere And Diligent & Very Open To Listen More About Me"

Junwen is a very sincere and diligent financial advisor, and I’ve always enjoy working with him. He is very forthcoming with his thoughts and opinions, and is very open to listening and hearing more about me.


I am confident of a lifelong working relationship with Junwen!

Chris Zheng


"Good Grasp And Knowledgeable"

Junwen has a good grasp and knowledgeable of his products. He is well prepared, articulate and

able to provide good strategic advice to his clients. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking at doing some financial, retirement and life planning.

Joel Lim

Sales Executive



 (During your consultation, I’ll show you exactly how you can implement the 5Es to generate you positive cashflow of 3-4 figures consistently every month!)

I wanted to keep you in suspense, and only reveal the contents of my 5E Wealth Formula during our consultation.


But I couldn’t resist giving you a sneak peek!


So here’s a preview of how it works. When we chat, I’ll share how the 5Es can be customized to fit your specific financial situation, preferences and goals.

First ‘E’ of the Wealth Generation Formula - Essentials

(50% of Your Combined Income)

Essentials refer to key expenses required for survival in Singapore – food, transport, shelter, bills.


Yes, expenses on these essentials may be rising.


But, they should not be above half of your combined income.


If it’s above half, try to reduce your expenditure.


If it’s below half, meaning you have surplus, I suggest allocating it into “end goals” (see below).

Second ‘E’ of the Wealth Generation Formula - Education

(15% of Your Combined Income)

The growth of your wealth will accelerate even further if you invest in self-improvement, and apply what you learn.


The fastest way to improve your skillsets is to invest in coaching, mentoring, books, courses, workshops etc.


Make sure to invest in learning on subject matters that can help you in your career, business or wealth growth.

Third ‘E’ of the Wealth Generation Formula - Entertainment

(5% of Your Combined Income)

What’s the fun in life if you do not let loose a little and indulge in a bit of fun, agree?


Whether is it a relaxing staycation, an enjoyable spa day or a buying the things you like, it’s important to “treat yourself” to maintain balance in life.


But don’t go overboard though. Make sure that you don’t spend more than 5% of your combined income on entertainment!

Fourth ‘E’ of the Wealth Generation Formula - End Goals

(20% of Your Combined Income)

Having a long-term plan for your life, such as property and investments, is vital to your sustainable future and personal goals.


As the saying goes, make your money work hard for you. Instead of the other way round.


You may not see the results immediately. But if you have the discipline to allocate funds to your end goals consistently, you’ll definitely reap the rewards sooner rather than later.

Fifth ‘E’ of the Wealth Generation Formula - Emergency

(10% of Your Combined Income)

It may not be the sexiest topic to talk about.


But the truth is that critical illnesses, disability and medical expenses can potentially drain your finances overnight.


So set aside a little for emergencies, or unforeseen circumstances, every month.


If you don’t need it, great. But if you do happen to need it one day (touch wood), you’ll be thankful for this rainy day fund you accumulated.

"Fruitful And Fulfilling Session"

Junwen is a very sincere and genuine financial advisor who provides useful information

about financial planning. It has been a fruitful and fulfilling session talking to him.



"Ensured That I Have The Right Coverage And To Utilize It Well"

Junwen is very helpful and sincere in helping me with my insurance and investment plans!

He recommends policies that are within my budget and has his clients’ interests at heart! He took over my insurance and investments plans and ensure that I have the right coverage and to utilize it well.

Halijar Omar

Cabin Crew

"Your Best Ally To Have In Achieving Your Financial Goals

Junwen is the one of the most sincere and coachable individuals I had ever coached personally. His relentless faith in pushing himself to the next level of betterment is admirable.


With an internal fountain of energy flowing that craves to soak up knowledge and sharpen his skills, he is definitely your best ally to have in achieving your financial goals.

Jacky Chua




 (During your consultation, I’ll show you exactly how you can implement the 5Es to generate you positive cashflow of 3-4 figures consistently every month!)

One Final Note Before Your Consultation...

Even when I was struggling to handle my married life expenses, I always kept this saying in mind:


“If you change nothing, nothing changes”.


That’s why I was always trying to better my situation for the good of my wife and daughter.


Without that perseverance, I would not have discovered my 5E Wealth Generation Formula.


So let me ask you what I was asking myself daily back then:


Are you ready to change your finances for the better?


To give your family a better quality life?


To stop struggling and start thriving?


My answer was always a resounding “YES”.


I hope that it’s the same for you too!


Because if you’re willing to change something, I can be the catalyst.


I’ve been there. I’ve done that. Not just for me.


But for many other married couples.


They’re enjoying an extra 3-4 figures/mth in cashflow thanks to the 5E Wealth Generation Formula.


I know how it works. I can help.


If you let me. Will you?


Click the button below, register for your 5E Wealth Generation Consultation, and I can’t wait to share more with you very soon!


To Conquering Your Finances,


Junwen, Husband, Father, Wealth Generation Strategist & Creator of “The 5E Wealth Generation Formula”



 (During your consultation, I’ll show you exactly how you can implement the 5Es to generate you positive cashflow of 3-4 figures consistently every month!)

"Understand His Clients’ Needs And Provides Full Assistance"

Junwen is a very hardworking and motivated person, who always strives to perform his best in anything he do.


Junwen never gives up despite of setbacks and obstacles. He always try many ways to reach his goals and surpasses his own limits. He has strong willpower and great determination to reach the peak.


The reasons why I recommend him to people is because he is able to understand his clients’ needs, and able to provide full assistance to his clients in due time. He is also able to speak confidently with no hurdle.

Benjamin Choo

Technical Specialist

"Prioritized My Life Planning and Benefited From Understanding The Various Strategies"

I’ve met so many agents before, and none shared such insightful analysis of my portfolio

with me before. The concept is particularly useful for me to prioritize my Life Planning. I also benefited from understanding the various strategies. You came very well prepared. Thank you!

Ng Xue Ying


"Friendly, Honest And Understanding

Junwen is a very friendly, honest and understanding person. He upholds his standard and

always looking for self-improvement! Meet him and you will be inspired!

Samantha Thiong

Marketing Lead



 (During your consultation, I’ll show you exactly how you can implement the 5Es to generate you positive cashflow of 3-4 figures consistently every month!)

Financial Advisor Disclosure: Junwen Chen is an authorized representative under Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd (RNF no. TJB300017871). His mission in life is to educate and empower people to design their lives so that they can live in abundance. As a coach and consultant in the financial industry, he equips his clients with the necessary knowledge that enables them to make informed decisions across multiple aspects of their lives. Every wise decision we make has the potential to propel us to greater heights in our life, and eventually accomplish the ultimate goal of a fulfilling life with abundance.

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